mcad admitted student day 2023 identity
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every incoming class of freshman at mcad get to have a special day a few months before their first semester begins where they get to experience what the college has to offer, and every year this day gets a large identity system. starting with precursory materials in the fall (admission/acceptance letter, bumper stickers, etc.) and promotion/event materials in the spring (stanchions, totes bags, etc.) the blue was dictated by mcad’s branding colors, and the images were chosen by their connection to mcad, as broad as minnesota and the midwest (corn, bass) and as concentrated as whittier neighborhood and mcad itself (uhu glue, pho).

this project overlapped with the summer i worked at pcss as a graphic design teaching assistant, and through this i was able to check in directly with the intended audience: soon-to-be high school grads. the ability to workshop my sense of humor and to recieve positive feedback from teens was all the reassurance i needed.

featured below, starting from the upper left-hand side and spiraling clockwise: stanchion, guardian nametag, checklist, back of letterhead, front of envelope, parent bumper sticker, student name tag, student bumper sticker.

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