bailey’s growing pain pamphlets
10 tri-fold pamphlets
fall 2023
this project was my senior thesis at mcad where i was able to combine as many of my passions as i could. i ended up on pamphlets because i love the emphemeral quality. i also wanted the end product to be as cost-effective as possible because i wanted to be able to print a ton of copies for people to take.

while pamphlets vary in topic (from cooking to car maintence, a city guide to a time capsule), each one has the throughline of being helpful. all of the content was already written or sought out and then written by myself unless otherwise noted.

the cherry on top was being able to give these pamphlets a home (well, temporarily while they find their way into the hands and backpacks and glove boxes of people) within a exhibition setting. the impetus of this whole project was, “what if someone set up a doctor’s office waiting room for their senior show? and the dumb boring pamphlets that are there weren’t what they normally were?” so come and sit down a while. wait. don’t forget to check in :)

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minneapolis, mn / sioux falls, sd