what’s up at mcad? 2023-24
cms; mcad; designworks
what’s up at mcad? is the method in which the college tackles getting information out to students and faculty in any means necessary: a weekly-updating email, a slew of instagram stories, and monitors throughout campus. this is the second year of the monitors being a part of this, and with that we’ve set the precedent of the identity changing yearly.

with my approach, i wanted to create a system for the information and to separate it in different ways to make it easier for students to pay attention to the right news (i.e. deadlines, events, and everything else). i also wanted to bring more excitement into the hallways, so i introduced animated bumpers and section headers to grab passerby’s attention even more. the front bumpers change weekly and was a nice oppurtunity to collaborate with my fellow designworks coworkers as well.

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